Health & Safety









Minimizing Impact, Improving Communities


At Oracle Mining, we understand that exploration and mining cannot be conducted without impacting the environment and the communities in which we operate. Our policy is to ensure those impacts are minimized as much as possible and that ecosystems and local communities are not only protected but can also benefit from our operations.
At our Oracle Ridge Copper Mine, we are designing the facility to use the Best Available Demonstrated Control Technology (BADCT) environmental engineering practices including dry-stack tailings, low-emission energy and water reclamation techniques. Environmental monitoring systems will represent a key part of the engineering design study to ensure that the facility is a zero-discharge operation. Should permitting agencies allow, water storage facilities will include wildlife watering stations and a dipping tank that can be available for the U.S. Forest Service for use in fire suppression. Oracle Mining intends to work with all stakeholders in the area to achieve environmentally friendly, sustainable development of Arizona's natural resource endowment.






Working with Stakeholders


We have established relationships with federal, State of Arizona and Pima County environmental officials, and in August 2011, the State of Arizona granted Oracle Mining the Aquifer Protection Permit No P-102110 for the Oracle Ridge Copper Mine. The issuance of this permit is a major achievement in the permitting process, and it reflects our commitment to maintain positive environmental practices at Oracle Ridge.






Commitment to Employee Safety


Creating a safe work environment is our most important commitment to our employees and contractors. We have implemented—and continue to improve—rigorous procedures to manage health and safety protocols. Our goal is to set and carry out policies that exceed compliance standards and ensure the prevention of accidents at our sites in accordance with the Mine Safety and Health Administration as well as State and County regulations.